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September 29, 2015
Regular Membership Meeting
Meeting Notice (PDF)

Union Rate Sheets 5/1/15 - 4/30/16 (PDF)
Cadillac Tax Letter (PDF)
Court of Int'l Trade Stands Behind Curtainwall Dec (PDF)

Congratulations to 18 Glass,
five time winner of the FCA CREST award, for 2014.
(Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training)
The New Jersey Glass and Metal Contractors Association was formed in 1995, to promote the glass and allied metal industry for the betterment not only of the contractors that work in the industry but also for the consuming public. This mission is funded in part by amounts set aside and paid over to the association through various collective bargaining agreements in force in New Jersey. Presently, these are agreements with both the glazier's union and the ironworker's union. As such, this funding is to benefit not only those contractors that have chosen to join the association as members but all contractors coming in contact with the industry.

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