Monthly Meeting

One of the important goals of the association is to establish and conduct educational programs pertaining to new techniques, programs, ideas, and methods, which will improve the Glass and Allied Metal Industry and Trade for the benefit of both the industry and the public it serves. The following is a chronological listing of meeting dates, speakers and programs that the association has conducted since the Fall of 1999.

Date Topic Speaker
05/28/24 General Discussion n/a
03/26/24 Exterior Wall Testing E. Heiberg and C. Mampe
01/30/24 Water Proof Exterior Hardware C. Gray & L. Nill
11/28/23 New Jersey FMCSR Title 49 Sgt. T. Hendricks and E. Mauro
09/26/23 Bird Friendly Glass Mitch Hawkins, Martineau & Co.
06/06/23 CBA 2023 Ratification N/A
01/31/23 General Discussion n/a
11/29/22 Telematics - Safety and Savings A. Chermark & G. Feeney
09/28/22 DC 21 Roundtable Joe Ashdale, et al.
05/31/22 Post Hiatus Update General Discussion
11/26/19 DC 711 Roundtable Vinnie Lane, et al.
10/01/19 General Discussion n/a
05/28/19 Building Envelope Solutions ETA System Brian Stroik, Tremco
03/26/19 BOD Election n/a
01/29/19 CBA 2017 Amendment n/a
11/27/18 Trip to DC 21 Training Center K. Schloerb, B. Cavanaugh & D. Cavanaugh
09/25/18 Status of Local Glazier Training Program Kevin Schloerb
05/29/18 OCIP/CCIP Issues L. Jorge & D. Borgna
03/27/18 DC 711 Roundtable Vinnie Lane, et al.
01/30/18 Buying or Selling a Glass Business C. Byers/E. Guiles
11/28/17 OSHA Silica Regulations M. Foss & B. Weaver
09/26/17 Surety Bonding J. Lawrence/B. Hyland/L. McConnell
05/09/17 CBA 2017 Ratification n/a
01/24/17 Pension Underfunding and Withdrawal Liability Michael McNally, Esq.
11/29/16 Joint Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Program B. Campbell/K. Serviss/T. Hoffmann
09/27/16 General Discussion n/a
03/29/16 OSHA On-Site Consultation Program Robert Balbach - NJ DOL
01/26/16 Glazing System Integration J. Keegan, J. Runkle - Intertek AT
11/24/15 DC711 Roundtable Vinnie Lane, etal
09/29/15 Bluebeam Software Blake Rothstein
03/31/15 OSHA Update Pat McCarthy, Esq., Jeff Gruen, Esq.
11/25/14 Market Recovery - New Local Tom Hoffmann & Bernie Cooke
09/30/14 Contractor/Glazier Certification Staub, Stricker, Weaver, Webb
05/27/14 CBA 2014 Ratification n/a
01/27/14 CBA Issues - Cancelled n/a
11/26/13 Industry Specific Health & Safety Plan S. Vasallo & M. Shuler - Haztek
09/17/13 Affordable Healthcare Act D. Morrice, J. Robertson & M. Einbinder
05/21/13 CBA Issues n/a
03/26/13 Structural Glazing Innovations From 3M E. Katchur, S. Beisel
01/29/13 Future Glazing Technologies E. Zaucha, H. Sprotofski
11/27/12 Four Year Apprentice Program C. Messick, F. Burke
09/11/12 General Discussion n/a
06/26/12 Overhead, Estimating and Bidding H. Rinder, CPA, L. Feyas, CPA
03/27/12 BIM Revisited Peter Marchese
01/31/12 Health & Safety Helen Dao, MHA, Bea Cabrera
11/22/11 BIM Revisited Postponed, inclement weather
09/27/11 AGMA Drug and Alcohol Program Dick Conly, Mike Schurr
05/17/11 CBA 2011 Ratification A. Reynolds
03/29/11 IUPAT Market Share Program Bob Weaver, FCA VP
01/25/11 General Forum n/a
11/23/10 Killer Contract Clauses Richard M. Baron, Esq.
09/28/10 Succession Planning Terrance Resnick
05/25/10 Unfunded and Withdrawal Liability D. Morrice & M. Rosen, Esqs.
03/23/10 CBA 2011 n/a
01/26/10 DC711 Current Issues H. Harchetts, et. al.
11/24/09 Top Workplace Performance J. Weaver, FCA & J. Courtien, LMCI
09/29/09 Protect Your ASSets! Lee Tesser, Esq.
05/26/09 Pension Update Jim Williams, IUPAT GP
03/31/09 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Peter Marchese
01/27/09 Job Targeting Vote n/a
11/25/08 Union Job Targeting Proposal H. Harchetts & V. Lane
09/23/08 Greenbuilding/LEED Philip Dordai, AIA
06/17/08 2007 FCA/CMFA Finishing Contractors Financial Survey Bernie Gingras
03/25/08 OSHA Fall Protection Jerry Sheard
01/29/08 General discussion n/a
11/27/07 Education / Training Update C. Messick & F. Burke
09/25/07 Anti-Trust Issues Michael Breen, esq.
05/29/07 NJ Prompt Payment Act Lee Tesser, esq.
03/27/07 Contract & Design Issues Kevin Scholerb
01/30/07 OSHA Gary Roskowski
11/28/06 FCA, LMCI Issues Zaucha, Weaver, & Penski
09/26/06 DC711 Contract n/a
05/10/06 DC711 Contract n/a
03/28/06 DC711 Contract n/a
01/31/06 Manufacturers'/Producers' Tax Deduction Vincent Vienna, CPA, JD, MBA
11/29/05 Design Liability M. Quinn & M. Fiorito, esqs.
09/27/05 General Discussion n/a
05/31/05 Health and Welfare Plan Issues Frank Vaccaro
03/29/05 General Discussion n/a
01/25/05 Claims Avoidance Lee Tesser, esq.
11/30/04 OSHA Alliance Patricia Clark
09/28/04 Labor Law Update Joe Accardo, esq.
05/25/04 OSHA Alliance Program Lou Lento
04/27/04 Annual Meeting - Election of Directors n/a
03/30/04 NY/NJ Lien Laws John Klock, esq.
02/24/04 Finishing Contractors Association Vince Sandusky
01/24/04 Cancelled n/a
11/25/03 General Discussion n/a
10/28/03 Strengthening standard construction contracts Lee Tesser, esq.
09/30/03 General President, IUPAT Jim Williams
06/24/03 General Discussion n/a
05/20/03 Architectural Aluminum Paint Warranties Jim Oberlin
04/29/03 Getting Blood from a Stone John Klock, esq.
03/25/03 Architectural Testing - Site Quality Control Henry Taylor
02/25/03 Cancelled n/a
01/28/03 Ironworkers Northern District Council Bryan Doherty, John Malcolm, Jr.
11/26/02 General Discussion n/a
10/29/02 The Two-Minute Drill Patrick McCarthy, esq.
09/24/02 OSHA - Fall Protection Brian S. Donnelly
06/25/02 General Discussion n/a
05/21/02 Financial Fitness in 45 Days Lorayne Fiorillo
04/30/02 District 711 Business Manager Patrick Brennan
03/26/02 General Discussion n/a
02/26/02 OSHA at ground zero Louis Ricca
01/29/02 Construction Contract Law pitfalls and pratfalls John Klock, esq.
11/27/01 OCIP and CCIP John True
10/30/01 Basics of investing in the stock market Peter Gelwarg, CPA
09/25/01 General Discussion n/a
06/19/01 2001 Tax Act Howard Bookbinder, CPA
05/22/01 Compliance with OSHA safety mandates Steve Gladstone
04/24/01 General Discussion n/a
03/27/01 Fa├žade Blast Resistance J. Blanchfield, et al.
02/27/01 Bonding Dave Mc Allan
01/30/01 NJ Municipal Mechanics Lien Law John Klock, esq.
11/28/00 Bylaws/constitution revision meeting n/a
10/31/00 OSHA compliance Louis Ricca
09/26/00 NJ Construction Lien Law John Klock, esq.
06/27/00 Cancelled n/a
05/30/00 Sealants, adhesives and coatings Doug Walker, CSI
04/25/00 General Discussion n/a
03/28/00 Curtain wall consultant discussion Gordon Smith, PE
02/29/00 Tax aspects of doing business out of state Harold Leib, esq., CPA
01/25/00 Rescheduled to March 2000 Gordon Smith, PE
11/30/99 Overhead Calculations Henry Rinder, CPA
10/26/99 General Discussion n/a
09/28/99 Anti-trust issues Barry Donohue, esq.